BuobCTC Web Editing & Design

Specializing in Editing & Design Services

BuobCTC is owned and operated by Kathleen Buob, an educator and specializing in computer technology as an instructor/specialist with over 33 years of experience. Buob (sounds like cube) CTC is located in the city of Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley, near the San Jose International Airport.

Do you need to:

  • Be proficient with basic web design? (Be able to design a sharp web page with clear, crisp content, graphics or images?)
  • Learn some content management applications, such as WordPress? (Look at this application, which will meet your needs where technology is ever changing and fast pace.)
  • Grow your knowledge base of Adobe Dreamweaver,  Adobe Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements.


Are you:

  • New to making a web page and need to learn some HTML Basics?
  • Interested in customized courses to meet your needs for web editing or design?
  • Wanting to learn some tips and tricks to enhance your web editing skills?
  • Curious to learn more about the applications available to make better web pages that “pop”, catch the users eye and use of color, graphics and images to balance with content on a page?


BuobCTC specializes in 1:1 and small group trainings for a variety of web editing and web design services.